A Critique of the New Perspective on Paul, by Jeffery Smith

Below is a link to 8 audio lectures I gave for Reformed Baptist Seminary a few years ago critiquing what is called the New Perspective. These were recently put up by Dr. Robert Gonzales the dean of RBS.


3 thoughts on “A Critique of the New Perspective on Paul, by Jeffery Smith

  1. Brian, the problem should be corrected now. If you run into any more problems please email Dr. Robert Gonzales. You should be able to find his email address on the Reformed Baptist Seminary Website or by going from there to his blogsite “It is Written”

  2. Brian, thank you for passing on this info. I’ve passed it to RBS so that the problem can hopefully be corrected.
    Your Servant for Christ,
    Jeff S.

  3. Message number three seems to have a technical problem: after awhile of playing normally, the audio speeds up very very fast and the words cannot be understood. “Audacity” mp3 editing software cannot open it to display the audio waveform: some sort of corruption problem in the file appears to be preventing it. Tried re-downloading it again from the site, but same thing. Messages 1 & 2 were quite informative and inoculative (Titus 1:9; Ep. 4:14), so I hope this problem can be corrected for our further edification, and to help keep Christ’s sheep from being tossed to and fro by this device of Satan (2 Cor. 2:11), this wiley sophism.

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